The Winery

Vineyards and soil

The origin lies in the soil

Our soils are greatly variegated, varying from mighty limestone-rich loess to lighter loamy soils and light, warm sandy soils originating from the former coast of the primeval sea. These diverse soil characteristics are reflected in the unique characters of each wine, eventually making our wines truly distinctive.

Coast of the former primeval sea

with shell limestone – perfect for Pinot Blanc and Riesling as well as full-bodied Grüner Veltliner

Sandbank of the former primeval sea

superimposed by loess – perfect for fruity Rieslings and light Veltliners

Ried Bergen

Ried Bergen is characterized by south and southwest-facing hillsides and terraces of limestone-rich loess and loess stone. Particularly our fruity white wines, love these conditions and thus prosper best in these vineyards.

Ried Kirchboden

The Kirchboden is a homogeneous plateau with heavy alluvial loess – deep in character and very precocious. This location grows powerful and multi-faceted wines with an expressive terroir.

Ried Spielberg

Playful longitudinal and transverse terraces of light loess and partly sandy soils define Ried Spielberg, providing a visual delight. Facing southwest and characterized by a protective microclimate, this terroir creates the ideal basis for fruity white wines.

Ried Spiegel

Ried Spiel is fairly close to heaven. The airy high plateau of thick loess soil is characterized by a balanced climate provided by cool downdraughts emanating from the forest located above. Strong white wines with a distinctive terroir mature in this vineyard.

Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine, but savor secrets.

Salvador Dalí