About us

Family Schmidt

Viniculture since 1932

A family wine business, that has been growing since 3 generations from 0,24 hectares of vineyards cultivated by handcraft to currently 31 hectares that are cultivated organically with state of the art technology, mirroring our continuous commitment to further advancements and growth from generation to generation while preserving and passing on values, nature and craftsmanship.

in the past

Arduous craftsmanship in the vineyard with minimalistic and traditional cellar technology. We are well aware of our roots and deeply proud of our ancestors and greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication.

in the present

On our journey towards an organic and sustainable cultivation of our vineyards with resource-conserving and state of the art cellar technology and management.

in the future

Organically certified into a new era of sustainability. With this approach we are able to preserve the beauty and vigor of our nature for the next generations.

The winegrowing family Schmidt

An invincible team

Analogical to many other winegrowing families, also for us, traditional craftsmanship, the weather and joy determines our daily lives and our profession. We are truly convinced that outstanding wines are not merely determined by the soil, vineyard or the vinification, but also – or probably particularly – by the people, who are dedicated to their work with their whole hearts and souls and consequently impart wine with a unique character.


The winegrower and winemaker


Our good soul in the office

Roman jun.

The technician


The dynamic one


The communicative one

What is the life greatest desire? Love and wine.

 Joachim Perinet