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Our wine cellar

How we age and store our wines

The treasure of the oilhill

Whereas our best wines grow on the hillsides of the Oilhill, the vinification and storage facility are built into the hillside at the foot of the hill.

Unique characteristics of our wine cellar

Our grapes are delivered in cases, carefully sorted according to quality and subsequently processed without the use of pumps by using state-of-the-art cellar technology.

To ensure optimal conditions for maturing and storing our wines, a constant temperature is upheld in our underground cellars. The difference in elevation of the respective processing steps of the vilification facility allows the gentlest processing of the grapes. This construction shape of the production facility is crucial for a high-quality wine production.

How our white wines mature

After fermentation, white wines of the Classic line are aged on the fine yeast in stainless steel tanks to achieve a maximum of fruit and elegance.

Strong single-vineyard white wines mature on the fine yeast in large wooden barrels to produce complex and dense wines with an extensive shelf life.

Our red wines and their journey into the wine bottle

Red wines are primarily stored in steel tanks. During the first few days, the temperature is raised and malolactic fermentation is initiated. Subsequently, the wines are matured in wooden barrels.

Red wines from the Classic line are stored in large wooden barrels to ensure optimal maturation of the wines. This results in fruity, full-bodied and typical varietal wines.

Red wines of carefully selected quality are aged in barrique barrels to mature into very storable and rich wines with a pronounced tannin structure.

Where there is no wine, the sparkle of live dies.